Fall yard activities injuries

With the fall season in full swing, everyone is outside raking leaves and doing other yard work. The repetitive movements that are typical of these activities can be the cause of sprains and back and shoulder injuries. Lifting and pulling can be a good source for physical activity but they can also land you to the emergency room.

Here are some advices to try to minimize your fall injuries:

  • Use the right tools for the activities you are performing
  • Find a rake that fits your height
  • Take breaks from time to time
  • Try to be in the most comfortable position to perform your tasks
  • Avoid excessive bending at the back
  • Be sure to lift by bending your knees rather than at the waist

Avoid Fall running injuries

With the fall, temperatures are cooler and leaves cover sidewalks and roads. Running or even walking can become dangerous if we do not pay attention to where we place our steps.

To prevent sprains and falls during the autumn months:

  • Warm up properly before starting your running activity and stretch afterward
  • Avoid running on sidewalks that are completely covered by leaves
  • Avoid running or walking on layers of wet leaves.
  • Wear shoes with good traction

Around the house

As with other element associated with the change of the season, clean up both inside and out are common activities.

Additional risk to pay attention to and help you avoid serious injury:

  • Clean up lose extension cords inside and outside the home
  • Take care when utilizing a later or step stool and make sure someone is there to spot you
  • Make sure areas around the home are free of snow and ice
  • De-icing your sidewalk and driveways can help prevent a broken bone from a fall

However if you find yourself in trouble from a fall activity, visit our orthopedic urgent care located in Wallingford and Meriden or schedule a visit with one of our certified orthopedic doctors.

Comprehensive Orthopaedics will help get you back on track with all your activities.

Tips provided by Dr. Ferguson, certified orthopedic doctor specializing in foot and ankle injuries.